About StartupRight

After studying game theory economics at the University of Maryland and gaining a sales background at one of the top sales programs in the eastern United States, my desire to challenge businesses and make a larger impact on a company’s success drove me to apply for a business development role in the Boston start-up market.  For over two years now I have worked in this space, experiencing the frustrations of product failures, the excitement of company changing wins, the roller coaster of coming up significantly short one quarter to profitable acquisition two quarters later, challenging executives with outside the box ideas, and recruiting others to take on the challenges of a start-up business.  Start businesses have the greatest chance of failing (ask Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars) and I’m under the belief that failure is the best way to learn and develop.  There are so many obstacles and challenges working for a small company that if you can learn to overcome them the reward is tenfold.

This blog is dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit that involves hard work, outside the box thinking, facing failure, and achieving success.  I hope to write regularly about lessons learned on a weekly basis that make me a better business professional and include content that engages readers to participate in discussions and leave their opinions on specific posts.

Thanks for reading and hope you’ll subscribe to StartupRight!

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